2 Feb 2014

Nice clear sunny day, not cold, and least of all not raining. This was the first decent ride out of the year on “KES” my 1988 K100 RT BMW.

The route took us from home along the A419 down to Common Head. We took the Liddington Road, (B4192) where we were overtaken by a black BMW exceeding the 30 mph limit and followed the road all the way through to Aldbourne.

Meandering through to Hungerford we passed through the edge of Ramsbury. Turning right at Hungerford on the A4, where KES stalled (first time out of 3), the road then wound its way through some great wide roads downhill all the way into Marlborough.

From Marlborough, heading back along the (A346) to Chisledon I was overtaken by another idiot going through Southend at more than 30mph! At Chiseldon we turned left immediately after the garage and took the road through to Wroughton (B4005) out onto Wootton Bassett (A3102). Then, finally to Purton and all the way back into Cricklade!

Around 52 miles all told.

Nice run, roads were clear, nice and wide for the most part. Great to see plenty of other bikers out on the road too. Bit disappointed to be overtaken in areas where I we are obeying the speed limit but I guess it takes alsorts!

I use RAC routeplanner for a nice and easy to read route:

Royal Wootton Basset