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November 2014

Gentlemen Bikers in the mist!

Three of us met up at the usual start time of 8am outside Cricklade Town Hall, ready for a nice long run down to Zig Zag Hill by Cann Common near to Shrewsbury – see link for route

Setting off, three Gentlemen Bikers, Richard, Keith and myself, we followed Keith along the B4040 through to the M4. Across the M4 at junction 17 and skirting around Chippenham following the A350 south.

It was a nice easy pace, with Keith in front leading the way with his fog lights on.

Just before Warminster there is a temporary diversion which we dutifully followed and found a Little Chef somewhere adjacent to the A303. Stopping for a cuppa and bacon sandwich, we decided that today, after all, was not a great day for going up Zig Zag hill. This hill is rather tricky with tight mountainous style bends – apparently. So, Keith volunteered to lead us home using his on-bike Sat-Nav.

I learnt something this day. After going through Chicklade twice, that following an on bike Sat-Nav is rather tricky. Richard and I of course took the mickey out of Keith – what were we supposed to do?

We were lost!! We are never lost, just don’t always know where we are – and at this point I didn’t really have a Scooby-Do where we were! I think also what made me realise that we were lost was when we got onto the A303 I saw signs for Exeter and Taunton – that was a subtle clue that perhaps we were going in the wrong direction.

Luckily, Richard knew where we were and knew the way back home. So, following Richard this time, we headed to Amesbury. Then onto Bulford and Tidworth by which point I knew where we were also.

The other surprising thing was the mist cleared and we could see more than a 100 meters ahead. This allowed us a chance to get to the legal speed limit for the first time this whole journey.

At Marlborough we stopped for a leak break – come’on- we are all getting on a bit and after a pot of tea each what do you expect?

Through the market place and out onto the familiar A4 we headed back to my place for a cuppa tea once more. And a little bit of tickling Keith’s ribs of course!

Although the weather was disappointing, I still enjoyed myself immensely. And with some great friends too.

So, thanks Richard and Keith for another great ride!

KES – Oil leak!

Great! Thought I would go for a spin this afternoon after doing the ironing and tending the allotment. I go to get KES out and there is oil on the floor.

After a bit of investigation, I find the rubber boot on the clutch has split – so nothing too major thank goodness. But, still leaking oil all over the floor! Was I worried it was more serious? Of course I was – KES is 26 years old after all.

So, new bits ordered along with spark plugs and oil filter – looks like I’ll be servicing KES a bit sooner than I planned.

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