What a good day Saturday was! Sunny, warm and dry. A good mix for a nice ride out for the afternoon.

As before, my eldest son, Richard, enjoys being a pillion on the back of KES.

Our route took us out towards Lechlade via Fairford airfield, Faringdon, Radcot (via the Witney road), Burford, Bibury and finally back home.

I still find it strange that there are some real arrogant idiots who insist on overtaking in a 30mph limit – we were doing 30 so I have no idea what is going on in their heads. Still, takes allsorts – and they would be the first to complain if they were involved in an incident of some sort!

Never mind, idiots aside, the ride took about an hour and a half – non-stop – along some really good roads (and some that were rather iffy too!!).

Total mileage around 50-60 – didn’t check but then who cares! Plenty of places en-route to stop for lunch or cuppa if you wanted too.