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June 2015

Been very warm lately!

Blimey, go for a ride these days and I lose weight! Its been really very warm – which is great of course so I’m not knocking it.

Done the Bath route, again and again. Friday was awful getting home though as there was a Bath Uni open day – the whole city centre was gridlocked with traffic going nowhere very slowly! I did some filtering – safely – very nice of some drivers to provide “admiring” comments whilst sat in their tin boxes 🙂 Very good of them I would say!

In the end though I got fed-up with the traffic and headed out to Bradford on Avon for a change. From there, I found the route to Chippenham and followed it all the way home. Actually, a rather nice and pleasant ride – though I didn’t attract any more admiring comments once out of Bath. Must be doing something wrong!

I need to look for some new riding gear I think. Something that is good for all seasons – so any ideas, let me know. I got home slightly damp from both internal and external wet (sweat in case you are wondering). Something breathable to let the damp out; something that keeps the wet out of course, and the warmth in (when needed). I would rather have one set of riding gear than two or three.

Next ride planned for the 11 July.

Friday 19 June!

Great ride in this morning. Nice and cool.

It’s now 14:00, and thinking about riding home. It’s rather warm out and I’m in my usual gear. Not too bad normally but getting out of Bath will be tough as there is an open day at the University which means loads of traffic!

I could always leave early of course – now there is an idea 🙂

No ride planned for this weekend as it’s the Cricklade festival on Sunday, and its a space theme – see link for more details – which also means my wife is cooking for the Country Market, so I’ll be taking the boys out somewhere. Great! Looking forward to that – really!!

Working from home – pros and cons!

This week I’m spending mostly working from home. Technology allows me to be in contact with anyone anywhere in the world – be it the Middle-east, USA, UK – anywhere.

What a great thing to be able to do – many people would be rather jealous wouldn’t they?

Yeah, it’s great working from home. I can do my work. I can do the ironing, clean the loos, vacuum and pop to the shops. Or anything else my wife asks of me 🙂

What I can’t do though, is ride KES every day! I enjoy my ride to work (and home again). It’s an hours ride or so from home. I work in Bath. That’s a great ride – B4040 to Malmesbury, or via Cirencester and Tetbury, or via Marlborough and Calne. I vary the route to add interest – and why not? I’m now sat on my bum in my home office, typing this, thinking about riding in to work.

How often is it that we want to go into work? When you ride in is when!!

Bit of a wet day – me and PC Doctor Dan!

Ok, so best laid plans don’t always go so well. I thought that by scheduling in regular riding days, ie 2nd Saturday of the month, we would be able to go out on regular rides. And, being June, the weather would be a bit more favourable than in January!

How wrong I was!!! Saturday morning came with a nice fine drizzle. Even I had to force myself out of a nice warm and cosy bed. Got KES out of the garage and by now it was really coming down quite heavily eventhough it was that fine rain that somehow, always, seeps into you.

So, at 7.50am we headed up to the Cricklade Town Hall. Just KES and I. We sat at the Town Hall until 8.15am to see who may have turned up. If someone else did, then great, we’d go for a ride. But, no, everyone else had some common sense and stayed indoors.

The only other person I saw going for his regular Saturday morning bike ride, normally with loads of his friends, was PC Doctor Dan! Though he was by himself too this morning!

Ok, so, hopefully, by July 10th, when the next “official” scheduled ride will be set for, the weather may be kind to us. I will send the occasional ad-hoc text to the Gentlemen Bikers in case someone fancies a ride in between times.

Don’t forget, week commencing 15 June is officially “Ride to work week” – which is what I have done.

Ride with wife!

I couldn’t believe it! Sally suggested a ride on KES one evening – just the two of us.

Ok, so we went for a spin out to Fairford, Bibury and home again. But it was a nice route anyway and one I’ve done many times before – about an hour all told including a stop in Bibury.


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