Ok, thought I’d do something a little different and add a video to the blog. Rather than just write about it, why not bring everyone along for the ride; try and get the feel of being on a motorbike and being out in the open. See it from the rider’s perspective.

This is a ride done many times before, and is just a trial run. I can see where it needs to be improved, mainly in having the camera angled a little higher! Also, add in some text to let you know where we are.

Anyway, the ride is from Cricklade, down the A419 to Cirencester, out to Tetbury, onto Malmesbury and home again via our old friend the B4040!

Next time I do one of these, I will add some commentary at the start and at the end perhaps. But, for now, as its a first off, I thought it would suffice!

There is audio on this so be warned – you might want to turn the volume down a bit!