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October 2015

Malvern Hills – AONB

Saturday, nice day for a ride with the Wiltshire RoADAR bikers. Only my second ride out with the group so it was good to catch up with them. Some I had not met before but that does not seem to matter.

There were eight bikes and our route was to the Malvern Hills.

Starting from the Aldi car park (one next to Tesco), we went up to the A419 towards Gloucester. Turning left into Birdlip and down the hill to Brockworth and into Gloucester that way. Rather a nice change from the normal route I wold have taken.

Through Gloucester heading out to Ledbury. I think anyway! Got a little lost here so route is only an estimate!

Once through Gloucester we headed for Ledbury,  stopping en-route for a cuppa tea in a very nice café overlooking the Malvern Hills. Then onto our lunch stop an hour and half later. I really must take more notes for these journeys as I cannot remember the name of the place where we stopped. I know it was a combined antiques place amongst other things. Very nice food though so well recommended!

Now heading back home via Evesham and Stow. And, for me one of the highlights were the bends going up to Broadway Tower. Must come here again soon!

A great day out, covering some 130 miles all told.

One of the nice things about these rides is that there is no pressure to go fast. They all ride well and in doing so that’s what makes the ride more pleasurable.

The route summary is shown below. There was more to it than this, but I cannot remember every little detail as we went off on some minor roads. Due to the limitations with these mapping services, the option to ignore all Motorways has been de-selected which makes this rather frustrating!


Where’s the Fox Hill!!

Nice ride out on Saturday. Weather just turning so it was a bit chilly. Dry with the sun trying to break through.

Headed down the A419 to the Oxford road junction, taking the third exit towards Covingham and Wanborough. Used to come drinking here back in the 80’s and early 90’s, but stopped when we were charged entry at the Brewers Arms for New Year’s eve – it felt very insulting to be charged! Have been back a couple of times but that’s not a lot in the intervening 20years or so!

Leaving Wanborough, straight up the hill for Fox Hill. This is one of the UK’s best Motocross circuits is and international events were held here. Don’t know if they still are.

Straight across-ish at the zig-zag junction towards Hungerford. Roads were nice and clear this morning so a nice easy ride. Stopped in Hungerford to fill KES and then out to Marlborough, Calne and the Divine Café at Cherhill for a cuppa.

The Divine Café has a new painting, October 2015 – see if you can spot something in the picture that was not there 5 years ago! I spotted it!!

From here, we went further West towards Chippenham. Round this town towards the M4 and onto Malmesbury. Then home via our old favourite, the B4040.

Route can be found here, though the route round Chippenham was slightly different to the one shown!!


Run to the hills – the Cotswolds that is!!

Sat here working away at my desk (in the dining room) that overlooks the front of the house, when Jason wanders past. Thursday is typically our “coffee morning” when we chew the fat and put our world’s to rights. As today was such a nice day, Jason had a much better idea and suggested we take the bikes out for a spin. Of course, I am easily lead in that respect and agreed that’s what we should do.

Off we set with me following Jason. Heading for the Fosse Way (A429), via some circuitous route ambling through Down Ampney and heading in a northerly direction along the back roads.

The route took us through some places I don’t think I’ve been to before, such as Sunhill and Ready Token. Very pleasant it was. Typical Cotwsold Hills. Not a lot of traffic about today so that was good. Eventually got to the Fosse Way at Foss Cross when we turned right heading north.

This is a nice road, though can get a bit boring in my opinion. Lots of nice long straights with sweeping bends. But, get stuck behind a slow driver and you can be there for a while waiting for a safe place to overtake. There are lots of hidden dips so be careful.

At Bourton on the Water which is so quintessentially English, we turned into the village and eventually parked up in a slot in the main street right opposite the Motor Museum. Popped into the Old Manse for our coffee.

What can I say? What a spot to sit at! Sitting outdoors, overlooking the river Windrush watching the tourists go by, admiring the weeping willow and stroking a very friendly little dog. And Jason paid for the coffees!

We headed back home south along the Fosse Way, turning right into Chelworth. Following our noses, we arrived in Cirencester. Heading out to Ashton Keynes to our old friend the B4040 – one of my favourite roads – turning left home to Cricklade.

That was one of my bestest coffee mornings ever! Cheers Jason!!

Time out of the office was almost 2 hours. I don’t know about mileage as I didn’t check!

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