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June 2016

Vintage bikes

Discussing Vintage Bikes with Nigel Wynne of Vintage Bikes Ltd on Tuesday 5th July at 10am.

What is a Vintage bike? How much do they cost? How do I buy one? What should I buy and what do I need to look out for?

If you have ever thought about owning a Vintage motorbike, listen in on Tuesday 5th July at 10am, and again on Wednesday at 6pm on Swindon 105.5

Listen online at

Good programme today. I learnt a lot about vintage bikes. Did you know:

Vintage means a bike made between 1918 – 1939? Ie between the wars.

Veteran means a bike made before 1914.

Classic means any bike no longer made.

Iconic – means anything you want it to be!

These are loose terms as there is no real definition.

Would I buy one? I already own an old bike from 1988. Not sure I would buy another one. You need to be someone who is prepared to spend time and money restoring it. Money may be more than what the bike is worth so its a labour of love!

All quiet on the riding front! Almost run over a hippie though!

Been very quiet recently on the ride-outs. Busy servicing KES which was needed.

Training to be a Tutor so I can train riders to become Advanced Riders – this is a lot tougher than it seems. Have you ever tried riding so close to the person you are training that you are almost touching? Ok, within a second apart anyway! Very weird!

We spent Monday evening training – I was the “stooge” rider to start with – it is so hard to ride badly after you’ve been taught to ride well, even my bad riding was reasonably good! Cutting corners, speeding, braking late and the such like.

Then it was my turn to “teach”. Made all the more difficult because I didn’t know the route (through Chippenham).

At the end of the evening both Bob and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks Stephen Izatt for the coaching.

On the way home I went via Avebury completely forgetting it was the summer solstice. Never seen so many hippies/druids in one place. Almost got one though!

Petuli oil and cannabis – loverrrrrly – I flew home!!

Vampire bikes? Bloody hell!!

Join me on Tuesday 21 June at 10am on Swindon 105.5 to hear from my friend and RoADAR colleague Mike Southgate as he talks to us about his time with the Swindon Freewheelers.

From their website:

Lifesaving Service 

Our service to the NHS is provided free of charge and is funded entirely by public donation and sponsorship. We transport blood, pathology & microbiology specimens, patient notes, X-rays, breast milk, and other medical supplies. In 2014, we made 3,648 deliveries, riding more than 120,000 miles. Freewheelers EVS operate a fleet of  motorcycles each equipped with high-visibility markings, blue lights and sirens for emergency use.  If our service did not exist hospitals would be forced to use taxis or commercial couriers. Freewheelers EVS is run entirely by volunteers. All our riders hold an advanced motorcycling qualification, such as the advanced riding test by RoSPA, or IAM. We also have a team of fund raisers and telephone co-ordinators.

See for more details of this valuable service.

Swindon 105.5, live or online at on Tuesday at 10am, and again the next day , Wednesday, at 6pm.




Horsing around!

On Swindon 105.5 Tuesday 7 June at 10am, join me as we chat about our four legged friends of the equine variety and how we can all share the road; especially useful as we approach the summer and there are more and more of us using the roads.  and listen on line.




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