Been very quiet recently on the ride-outs. Busy servicing KES which was needed.

Training to be a Tutor so I can train riders to become Advanced Riders – this is a lot tougher than it seems. Have you ever tried riding so close to the person you are training that you are almost touching? Ok, within a second apart anyway! Very weird!

We spent Monday evening training – I was the “stooge” rider to start with – it is so hard to ride badly after you’ve been taught to ride well, even my bad riding was reasonably good! Cutting corners, speeding, braking late and the such like.

Then it was my turn to “teach”. Made all the more difficult because I didn’t know the route (through Chippenham).

At the end of the evening both Bob and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks Stephen Izatt for the coaching.

On the way home I went via Avebury completely forgetting it was the summer solstice. Never seen so many hippies/druids in one place. Almost got one though!

Petuli oil and cannabis – loverrrrrly – I flew home!!