Its a Triumph Tiger XRx!

Treated myself to a new motorbike to replace the ageing KES.

Bit of a sad day as KES has been loyal, reliable-ish, and great fun. I even passed my Advanced Riding Test with RoSPA on KES. However, the time has come for KES to go into semi-retirement and enjoy the coming days, months and years remembering past glories, rides and fun! Remember the Alps!!! We will always have that.

Not sure what I’m going to do with KES though. Keep and get back to showroom condition – nice project I can do with my sons. Will teach them a few things about engine repair in general.

Or sell? That thought I hate I must admit and will struggle to bring myself to do. Space is the issue though. We have a single garage rammed full of everything other than what it was designed for (assuming we all drive ultra-small cars and are slim enough to get out the door when it is only open about 10 inches (250mm/25cm for the young’uns)).

What a dilemma! Who said life was going to be easy? Lets see how I feel next week when the new bike arrives.


Tiger XRx
Tiger XRx