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September 2016

Holy bangers, I met Batman today!

Not often one can say that, but its true! This morning I chatted to Batman, aka Gary Franks, on Swindon 105.5 about his recent banger run of around 2,500 miles over 6 days to Lake Como in aid of “Help for Heroes”.

The banger run has been organised for the past few years to raise money for “Help for Heroes”,

This year, after completing the run, the Batmobile raised over £1,200 and still counting.

The funny thing is that Gary’s co-driver is called Robin! Coincidence I’m sure, but the Gotham-Twinning team did rather well despite being side swiped on the autoroute by a devil may care driver.

The route took them across France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and over the Alps to Lake Como on the Italian side.

The Alps proved to be interesting; many passes to cross including Stelvio amongst others. Not for the faint hearted these passes, but I must admit to being a tad envious – I want to go there!!! Now!!!

For more details of the trip and photos of the Batmobile and the other contestants, see the as well as

Kapow! For now!


Riding in the rain – and the dark!

Something I do enjoy doing I must admit, is riding in the rain, but riding home last night after my evening class was rather less “enjoyable”.

Coming back to Cricklade from Wroughton via Purton, the roads were poorly lit if at all. Muddy, leaves and rain, but having “Rain” mode on the Tiger meant the bike coped and was brilliant. Made me look like I knew how to ride 🙂 As well as having traction control and what could be the best lights on a motorbike, the ride home was not too bad.

Did I enjoy it? Hmmmm……..! Yes, probably! I still got off with a big grin on my face, but a knackered back from Tae Kwon Do!!!

Route below:

Pub talk – four pints and a laugh or two!

After a good evening of Tae Kwon Do I received a text from Richard suggesting beers were in order. Being a Friday evening, and watching the first part of Pale Rider (I enjoy the bit where Clint beats up those chaps with the hickory axe handle – don’t know why I enjoy that bit but I do) I headed down the pub.

Sitting in our local, the Red Lion of Cricklade, we talked about our children and their recent exam results and what they are up to now, and more obviously got round to talking motorbikes and some potential ride ideas.

  • Chip run to Swanage;
  • Spain via Plymouth to Santander;
  • weekender to Wales;
  • long weekend to France via the Chunnel.

After four pints of North Wall, I was feeling like the Tae Kwon Do session was slightly wasted in terms of making me fitter! But, the upshot is this coming Saturday the plan is to ride to Swanage for a plate of chips and ride home again!

Assuming Richard gets his leaky clutch fixed first!


Sale of KES!

Sad day. Have put an advert on Gumtree to sell KES.

Has to go I’m afraid to make room for a new camper van, when it eventually arrives.

Plan was to spend time renovating KES to former glory, but sadly no! Lack of driveway space means I have to reluctantly let KES go!

We had good times together. Many happy miles, 16,000 in three years which isn’t bad for a motorbike, including 1,700 to the Alps and back.

Must admit, sitting on it again last night to move it off the drive to take the photos made me realise how much hard work it was! The clutch is heavy as is the throttle – age I guess (the bike, not me!)

Still, it will be a classic in two years time and will be missed – assuming it sells of course!

And KES departs Cricklade Saturday morning around 10am!!! Strapped to the back of a pickup, KES’ last journey out of North Wall was rather silent. That grand old bike tethered to the frame of a carrier, off it went, away for the last time! C’est la vie!



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