Blimey, what a nice day today turned out to be. Sat indoors all morning and around midday, sun was out with clear blue sky, so what the hell, thought I’d go for a spin. First long-ish ride of the year. Just got back home and now its turning a bit dark and cloudy again.

Headed up to the Fosse Way all the way to Morton in Marsh. Turning right towards Oxford along the A44, and once at Chipping Norton, headed to Burford, Lechlade and home again to Cricklade.

What great riding! Long sweeping bends. Some tricky ones too in places. Sun was a bit low in the sky which made riding home a bit more interesting.

I’ve just notched this particular route up as one of my favourites, though a bit more exploring of the side roads is beckoning next time. And the really good thing is, there seemed to be plenty of stopping places for the obligatory coffee/tea break too!

Looking forward to doing it again once the weather warms up a bit. Hands got a bit nippy towards the end which makes typing this a bit tricky.

But, what great scenery we have. All around us are these fantastic views of rolling chalk hills – after all that is what the Cotswold hills are.

It didn’t take anywhere near as long as it suggests in the map above. Just over an hour; maybe an hour and a half perhaps. But mileage was spot on! ¬†Happy days are here again!