Not often this happens, if ever, but it’s true!  Tiger sandwich of the Triumph variety!

Leading this month’s Wiltshire RoADAR ride was a Tiger 800 XRx; (me) and bringing up the rear was a Tiger 1050 ridden by Les – both, confusingly, the same colour. Using the drop off system we departed Marlborough promptly at 9.30 only 15 minutes late. Les, on the 1050 Tiger, reckoned the rain would miss us as it was going across country – well Les was bloody wrong! Both ways!!

Our route followed the road to Pewsey, Amesbury, along the A303 towards Shaftsbury, Cann Common and zig-zag hill, Blandford, Wareham, Corfe and finally Swanage.

The idea of these rides is not to be a training session, but a social one. Friends riding out for the sheer fun and pleasure. Oh, yes, and some chips too!

Ascending zig-zag hill and stopping after an hour and half riding at Cann Common airfield for a well deserved tea/coffee/cake/bacon or sausage sandwich, we observed two brave souls do a wing walk on an old bi-plane! Crackers, both of them!

Thoroughly refreshed, we headed onto Swanage. Corfe castle eventually looming up from nowhere, I couldn’t help but ponder how on earth the walls stayed up in high winds when it dawned on me they don’t; Corfe Castle is a ruin! Funny the things you think about when riding isn’t it! I can get quite argumentative with myself sometimes.

Pootling on to the sea front we parked up ready now for our fish’n’chip lunch.  What on earth was that pirate doing? Remember, what goes on tour stays on tour!

Wandering around Swanage, had our final cuppa tea for the day, adjacent to the tourist info office. Six bikers chewing the fat, having a bit of banter and generally laughing the day away sat in the sunshine! What could be better?

Chewing the fat after the fish’n’chips

Leaving Swanage for our homeward bound journey, we ambled along the road to Studland – yes, we all claimed to be from around here! The ferry cost us a quid each to get to Poole and Bournemouth. Following our noses we took the road to Salisbury, Marlborough then home again.

Posing by the bikes!

What a cracking day it was. Sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain, tea, fish’n’chips and great time with some great blokes!

200 miles all told; 6 hours riding time. I got home around 6.30pm in time for tea – perfect!!