The Tiger is in for it’s 6,000 mile service, and I was provided a courtesy bike in the form of a Triumph Street Triple 675, 2016 model.

Street Triple 675 courtesy bike

Its tiny compared to the Tiger. But, although short in stature, it seems to be “large” on character. From the picture it is hard to tell the size of it.

Anyway, so far, I have ridden it all of 10 miles and I must admit, there is a large grin on my face.

The riding position makes me lean slightly forward, like a racing bike. The pegs are at a “funny” angle to what I am used to, slightly tipped forward which is a little awkward. Cornering is a lot of fun! It turns so easily and nimbly.

Would I buy one? Yes, but only for hooning about at weekends, and for short commutes to work. It is great fun though, and good for filtering through traffic being a lot narrower than the Tiger. Would it get to the Alps? Probably, but I think I would be hurting when I got there!

However, it was bloody good fun!

I took it to work and back today. Up the A419, into Cirencester, along the A453 (back road) to Cheltenham.

On the A419, I could feel the wind hitting me at 70mph. This bike is definitely more at home on the ‘A’ roads where it can be chucked into corners. And it likes being thrown into tight bends! Got to work and I had a big smile on my face!!! Couldn’t wait to ride home again!!

It was a very hard and firm ride; I felt every bump.  I hadn’t realised there were so many drain covers in Cheltenham – live and learn I suppose.

I got the Tiger back this evening and it was like sitting in an armchair! I’m definitely built more for comfort these days!