Nice ride on Sunday with a good friend of mine. Made a change to ride without having a purpose other than enjoying the ride itself. Too often, over the past three-months I’ve ridden to work and back; yes, these rides are enjoyable, but to ride for no reason other than to ride brings back why we ride in the first place!

Sunday was a gorgeous morning. Dry and bright with white fluffy clouds hiding a blue sky behind. We headed up the Fosse Way for a ride I’ve done before. All the way to Moreton In Marsh, turning right towards Oxford, arriving in Chipping Norton and bearing right for Burford and then first left to Bibury. Then Latton and back to our meeting point in Purton Stoke.

The roads were sublime; plenty of straights and bendy bends causing a few challenges. Rolling grass covered chalk hills of the Cotswolds saw us passing through pretty villages and valleys. Even with the speed limit set at 50mph in many places, this did not distract from the overall feeling of the ride.

Stopping only once in Bibury for a brief chat (we were using blue tooth headsets) and drink, we watched some tourists chuck stones at a dead trout floating upside down in the shallow river Coln.

Leaving a packed Bibury full of tourists and their coaches, we headed back home via Latton and Blunsdon. We had to use the dual carriageway in the end, but it was worth it.

A great familiar ride, made all the better of riding it purely for pleasure, and because we can!

No photos unfortunately as I forgot to take my phone with me!!