I’ve read articles and reader’s comments in Ride Magazine extolling the virtues of Sat Nav and often toyed with having one myself. Got one for the car already which we use often on long journeys.

After much pontification, I plunged for a TomTom as a treat of a birthday present; I’m used to TomTom (and Ride gave it an extra point in their review over Garmin).

A journey to Lyme Regis was needed over the recent hot bank holiday weekend; two of us on bikes going to see a mate for a chat and brew. However, having a Sat Nav enabled me to plug in the end point, set a route that avoided motorways and picked a windy route to make it interesting. And was it interesting? Yes it bloody well was!

Our ride started in Cricklade, heading out to Royal Wootton Basset, down to Lynham turning right across the wonderful Lyneham Banks en route to Chippenham. Around the bypass to Corsham taking a left down to Bradford upon Avon and down to the A303. 13 miles later taking a turn heading to Crewkerne passing through places on the way with names such as Upton Noble. To be honest, I hadn’t a clue as to the exact route. I am still learning to use the device.

But, setting the route to the max on windy and hilly, what a great way of exploring the countryside. And with so much ease.

So, the ride down to Lyme was sublime. The route back followed the same path to the A303 but then took us further along the A303 to Marlborough, from which its a straightforward ride north-ish home to sunny Cricklade.

What a fantastic route! Looking forward to the next ride; simply set an end point, remove motorways and set the windy and hilly to maximum and see where it takes me. Mustn’t forget to record it this time!