Started out a bit dull and grey and got wetter the further West we went. Four of us heading to Lynemouth, via Weston-Super-Mare and the notorious Porlock Hill.

Meeting at Sally Pussey’s for a 9.30am departure (yes, still laughing at that, no, not the departure time), we ambled down to Chippenham, back up to the M4 directly to Weston-Super-Mare just off the M5. Following the coast road all the way to Lynemouth, we stopped for lunch.

On the way, we went via the steep 1 in 4 (25%) Porlock Hill and its infamous tight right hand bend followed by a spine tingling left hand hairpin – the sort you might find in the Alps. I had forgotten about this left hand bend though, probably like most of us. SeeĀ for more info on this hill!

Sweeping across Exmoor with the wind blowing, mist coming in and rain hitting us hard, we dropped, finally, into Lynemouth, parking along the front for lunch.

After an hour or so, we headed back home via Glastonbury and Bath.

Turned out to be a long day, arriving home at 7pm ish after 255 miles in the saddle. Bloody good fun though.