That was a comment made to me by a chap embarrassed by the narrowness of the wear lines of his rear tyre. Further explanation soon discovered that the reason was it was a loan bike while his own bike was being repaired after he had rear ended a car; then he explained his bad back from riding the loan bike was from a side swipe he received from a car at a junction which wasn’t his fault. Basically, his own bike had been written off and the case was in the hands of the insurers.

Eventhough the latter was not necessarily his fault, he complained the bad back will be with him for the rest of his life. The rear-ender was his fault of that there is no doubt.  I did have to wonder at this chaps attitude. But, how could he have minimised these incidents? As it happens, the answer is surprising simple. Yes, there is still risk and as a rider you have to remain alert to possible incidents and what other road users may do.

Ironically, or not, he was talking to a RoSPA Advanced tutor and Diploma Holder! I could have provided some advice if he hadn’t ridden off with the rest of his mates; one pulling a wheelie with only his tracksuit for protective clothing, and one over-revving his not quite so street legal exhaust!

The sad thing is they are the few that give a poor perception of bikers. With the recent good weather, there are loads more bikes out there on the roads. We are not all like that. Yes, we do whizz around a bit; filtering between cars which is legal in most countries because bikes are smaller and nimbler than cars; overtaking on country lanes hopefully when its safe and generally making better progress than our car colleagues. What we can do though, as bikers, is ensure we do our thing without upsetting other road users. That’s where an Advanced Riding course comes into its own.

My own chicken lines are quite narrow. Not because I am scared of leaning over too far, I know how far my bike can go, its more because I know how to approach corners smoothly to get around without the need for over leaning whilst maintaining a reasonable speed.  Safety is at the heart of all Advanced Riding Training and we use a simple and flexible system which can be taught to anyone wanting to make more of their riding. What we don’t want to do is stop anyone from having fun.

Get in contact with me and let’s have a chat about how your riding enjoyment can be made to be more fun.