After a recent training ride, I wanted to show what it is I look for when coaching. Its nice and simple and, above all, achievable.

The 4’s are a simple way to remember what it is a cool way of riding.

System – this is the basis of Roadcraft – IPSGA. Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration. Flexible and adapts to any changing situation.

Smooth – this is my middle name! No? Ok, its not really!! Its partly about using the controls smoothly so you don’t end up braking or accelerating too harshly which makes for a very jerky ride. Its also partly about joining up the ride to observe what’s approaching and planning for it in Advance (hence Advanced Riding).

Speed  – being at the ride speed considering the surrounding conditions, including rider ability.

Safety – with the other three S’s applied, then safety remains.

There is a fifth S – referred to as Sparkle. Or Polish – but this doesn’t start with an S so we refer to Sparkle! Sparkle – is how you ride overall. Is it a polished and ride? You can tell when you see a good rider ride well.

If Smooth, System or Speed is removed from the triangle, then Safety escapes – putting the rider at higher risk of something happening beyond their control.


four s
The 4 S’s

Put the 4 S’s together, and the ride will be quick, enjoyable and fun.