Our plan was to do a ride from Cricklade to Casablanca and back over 8 days. An endurance ride to help raise cash for the NHS, but it looks like Captain Tom has far exceeded anything I could do! Well done sir!

The route is shown but given the current circumstances we will have to forego that for a while.  We were departing on a Tuesday evening, catching an overnight ferry to Caen and riding through to Spain. Hopping on the ferry to Morocco to arrive in Casablanca for the evening. Turning around and heading back home – all within 8 days. Yes, bit of a blast, bit of fun, hard work, not a lot of chance for sightseeing and not everyone’s cuppa tea, but all the same if we could have raised funds for the NHS then great! But it seems Captain Tom has done a much better job than we could ever hope for!  Well done that man!!

In the meantime, this lockdown has given me plenty of time to take stock, read and watch videos.

Books – re-read Ted Simon and Jupiter’s Travels and Dreaming of Jupiter. Along with Great Motorcycle Tours of Europe and the Biker’s Britain Books and Cool Camping I am now set for getting back out on the bike again!

Videos – had to watch Long Way Round, Long Way Down and African Motorcycle Diaries again! I’m even watching a couple of my own videos too which is a bit sad but a nice sentiment from last year. 2019 Rides

New bags – bought a couple of new bags for the bike. A Givi tank bag and an Oxford T50 Aqua roll bag. Ideal for camping. 

Got my camper’s checklist all sorted, seems ok from when I last used it – I tend to print this off and encapsulate it so it can be reused (help yourselves to this if you like).https://petergenet.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/bikers-camping-checklist.pdf

Training – I am a RoSPA Diploma Holder in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction and have spent a few hours putting together some ‘crib’ sheets for Roadcraft – bit of a reminder of what’s in Roadcraft, not to replace it but to complement it. The Not the Blue Book by Dave Jones has been re-read too. We do have plans to pop over to Europe in September for a combined training and touring ride which we will probably turn into a camping trip.

Servicing the bike – its a 2016 Triumph Tiger 800 XRx on 42,000 miles. Did the servicing myself at home – luckily Sportsbike shop are still delivering.

So, all in all, ready to get back out there on the road again. Hope everyone is staying safe and as well as can be!

See you out on the roads soon!