With the recent government announcement that we can drive / ride as far as we like starting from tomorrow, Wednesday 13th May, the roads will be busier than ever with all sorts of motorists, so please take care.

For a rider who may have not ridden since lockdown began 8 weeks ago, be aware that skills do fade so take those first few miles easy – it won’t take too long to get back up to where you were. I know my skill level will have dropped even-though I did ride over winter, and was starting to enjoy the longer days!

If you stopped riding over winter, then the level of riding skill you ended up with last year will definitely have faded so take a little more care too.

For all riders though, take care and be wary even more so than usual of other road users as they are not used to seeing motorcycles so we could be a bit of a surprise to them. That includes cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders, cars and lorries.

Training – this is still on hold pending further announcements from the government which is all to do with social distancing. As is touring – we can’t stay away from home yet. Maybe sometime in July this could change for both training and touring.

If, like me, you are planning a ride tomorrow, then don’t forget to check the tyres, oil, water, seals etc – we call it POWDDERSS in Roadcraft.

Petrol, Oil, Water, Damage, Drive, Electrics, Rubber, Steering and Suspension.

Have fun out there!

And my short ride from today: