What a day that turned into! Started off sunny and relatively warm, to a downpour (not a shower as forecasted), and the predicted time as shown on GoogleMaps was far longer than two hours!

But it was a great ride! The riding was not fast, more of a genteel burble around some pretty villages and small towns of Wiltshire. Sometimes its hard to find a decent spot from which to view the chalky white horses from, but that’s irrelevant to be honest.

The ride:

By the time we arrived in Devizes, we were rather wet but had a very welcome bacon sarnie and cuppa tea. Next time I do this ride will be in the spring / summer where I hope times will be happier. And, rather than a couple of hours, will plan a whole day!

Two hours and 20 minutes – not a chance to be honest! Not if you want to stop and take photos of each horse.

Great ride though and great day out. And the bonus was Sally joined me riding pillion!

Merry Christmas and here’s to a happy 2021!!