Are born again bikers as boring as born again hippies?

At the age of 45 I bought my first motorbike; a 1988 K100RT BMW. 1,000CC 94BHP! Weighed a ton. Not bad as a starting out bike! It had 49,000 miles on the clock and cost me £900. And for the next three years it saw me do some great things on it. Passing my Advanced Riding test with RoADAR; went to the Alps on a week-long trip; commuted regularly to Bath and finally, became a RoADAR Approved Tutor. Not bad for an old bike. And a born again biker.

What made me take up biking at 45? Mid-life crisis? No, not really, I don’t think. All my life I wanted a motorbike, and all my life I kept putting it off. When I was growing up, Dad told me there was no way I was to have a motorbike, not at home at least. He promised to pay for my driving lessons and my first car if I avoided motorbikes. I followed his advice. And he kept to his word.

Until I got to 45; I was married with two wonderful boys – still am. I had it all. Yet, there was a constant yearning for something else. That something turned out was a motorbike.

Since buying KES (that was the registration of the BMW), life has never been the same. The only trouble is, I now want to do nothing more than ride all day long.  Ride anywhere too in all weathers, except ice, snow and really heavy winds of course. I now have a new Triumph Tiger 800 XRx which makes it even worse when I can’t get out and ride. I’m sat at my laptop writing this because I have to be here. Riding a bike is a drug.  I even did a chip run to Swanage all on my own as it turned out – six hours round trip – great fun!   Didn’t buy any chips as the smell put me off.

Maybe this is what Dad foresaw all those years ago. Maybe it wasn’t the experience of his time at Lloyds Underwriters and seeing insurance claim forms from motorcycle accidents. I doubt it, but maybe….

My life is not all riding.  Mustn’t forget those family commitments such as, football, shopping, housework (yes I do the ironing and cooking too – very modern man me!)

Hope you enjoy reading about some of the things I get up to with my biking buddies!

Nos nunquam adepto perdidit sicut ………… .we non semper scio ubi sunt nobis?