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The glorious 12th!

No, not the start of Grouse shooting season, but April 12th, the time we are allowed back out on our bikes for tutoring! Well, at least when the DVSA and RoADAR start their testing services again.

Already got one rider booked up for the 12th so looking forward to that. Dusting off the cameras and riding gear too.

Fingers crossed we don’t go backwards with this Covid!

Countdown to the end of Lockdown

Hopefully, we’ll be back to our old ways by the end of June; June 21st to be precise.

Taken from are the four steps to freedom:

Looks like unlimited travel in the UK from the 17 May; with full release by 21 June.

Waiting on guidance from both the DVSA and RoSPA about whether tutoring can begin again and when. Loads of discussion going on of course, but key phrase is “minimise travel”.

Lets see what guidance comes out this week.

Roll on the 22 Feb at 19:00hours

What will it be? Hopefully a plan to get out of lockdown. Will it be staggered? Will it be a full release on a certain date?

When can we get back to social riding again? I suppose the answer is “when the data says its safe” to do so. Fingers crossed we get an idea of when that will be.

At least, fingers crossed, we in the UK get our freedom back. But, it could be while longer before we can cross into Europe, though I do have a trip in the van booked for September!

Let’s wait and see shall we but in the meantime, I’m planning a few things once we are out of lockdown – such as the Iron Butt Full Monty, weekend trip to Yorkshire with four mates, tutor training, and out and about perhaps into France again with a mate or two.

Lets see what happens tomorrow evening!

Invisibility Training for motorcyclists!

Trouble with surfing the internet, planning trips, looking at routes and locations and generally pining for the great outdoors again (like all of us), I often end up getting distracted. This time, its FortNine on YouTube! Very well presented series of informative videos all about riding motorbikes.

This one is all about Invisibility Training for motorcyclists.

All his videos make for some entertaining viewing; all explained articulately in a way even I can understand! If you can, take a look at more of his videos!

Riding this year!

Seems like another year where we cannot plan ahead due to the unknown. So, for now, I think it best to not attempt to organise any rides or tours. Any chance of a tour will probably be last minute and that’s not how we want to run things.

Although, saying that, if there are opportunities for riding, we’ll take them! Might be solo, or small group rides, but, heading into France this year, along with the rest of Europe, will be dependant on them sorting themselves out. Wales could be ok, but……..

So, schedule for 2021 has nothing planned. But, lets see what happens in 2022 – hopefully by middle of this year we will know more.

I still plan to post updates as and when I can on anything I personally get up to. Hope you stay around and enjoy my tales and photos.

Stay safe and enjoy your riding!

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