I am now an Approved Bike Tutor with the Wiltshire RoADAR group and as such I can train riders, who have passed their driving test to ride without “L” plates, to Advanced standard. The technique of Advanced Riding promotes Safety , whilst making good progress, at all times.

Advanced – does not necessarily mean superior! Advanced in this context means that we are trained to respond to the information around us sooner rather than later. IE respond in Advance and in that way we hope to avoid incidents.

Using Advanced techniques, there is no reason to stop riding during the winter months – except in extreme condition of course such as ice, fog and snow!

There is something called the four S’ which help define what we do:

  • System refers to the “Roadcraft” book which is used by the Police and Advanced riders. In particular, System means IPSGA which stands for Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration.
  • Speed – means being at the right speed for the road, traffic and weather conditions.
  • Smooth – not rushing or causing jerky acceleration and harsh braking.
  • Safety – at the heart of Advanced Riding – we want to arrive home at the end of the ride!

If any of the three sides is removed, Safety escapes!


The main acronym, there are a few, that we use as Advanced Riders is IPSGA.

IPSGA – this is used continuously throughout a ride.

  • Information – use the information in front, at the side, behind and of course the road. Signs, smells, all sorts of information can be used to inform of potential hazards ahead. Learn to recognise what they could be and plan accordingly.
  • Position – be in the best position to see hazards ahead; be seen by others. And to make it round that bend!
  • Speed – Are you riding at the right speed for the road conditions? Can you get round that bend safely? You don’t have to be riding at the speed limit if the conditions dictate a slower speed – no matter what the jerk behind thinks!
  • Gear – is the bike in the right gear for the speed? Does the bike respond instantly to an increase or decrease in throttle? If not, then you are in the wrong gear!
  • Acceleration – going through a bend, are you maintaining a positive or neutral throttle? It is dangerous going through a bend without any throttle that’s for sure!

There is nothing clever about Advanced Riding, or advanced driving for that matter. It is about applying techniques to enable good progress, safely!

Safety is at the heart of what we do. This does not necessarily mean slow! What Advanced Riding does is give you time to plan the ride ahead and make the necessary changes to your riding line to help you make good progress.

To find out more, for car drivers and bike riders, check out www.wiltshireroadar.co.uk