Ok, so the fun packed bit was a bit ambitious given the current circumstance! But, you never know. 

Anyway, no trips planned for this year as we have no idea when we will get back into the “normal”.  This makes it hard to plan. Rather than wasting time and effort, we will be updating the Blog section on anything we do get up to such as solo or small group rides. 

This still holds true “Our enthusiastic intent is to enjoy touring in small groups of up to 6 riders”. 

Riding schedule for 2021 is shelved for the time being. 



This is something that biking is really made for. It can be as cheap as you like staying in France on municipal sites for no more than 3Euros each; up to the £100 per night pitches in Switzerland. Believe me, I’ve done both!

Please see Camping for further details of a trip to North Devon .

Additional tours and dates:

We are adding more tours and dates all the time so please come back and check to see if we have anything of interest for you. The tours noted above can be lengthened or shortened – we aim to be flexible.