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November 2017

Cold but nice ride

Good to get out again for a short spin with my associate Ian. Training to do the RoSPA Advanced Rider Test and at the same time having some fun!

Route was nice and simple, taking in all aspects of riding, dual carriageway, town riding, country lanes and finally the M4 motorway for three junctions.

In Tetbury we stopped at the Blue Zuchinni cafe in Tetbury for a compulsory coffee – no cake though as I’m watching my figure in time for Christmas!


Motorcycle Live at the NEC and men in corsets!

My youngest son, Jonathan, and I went to Motorcycle Live at the NEC in Birmingham on Sunday. Both of us were rather surprised to be walking into the arena alongside Dr Who, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Superman, Spiderman, fairy princesses, Dr’s and Nurses as well as a man dressed in a corset. Not your typical bikers I have to admit. I think Jonathan was wondering what on earth his dad was getting into. Then we realized, Comic-con was on at the same time. Phew! Once over that little shock, we wandered around the stalls looking at all the nice new toys! Chose my next bike, Tiger 1050 Sport.

Jono on a Vespa!

The other show that was advertised was for “Little Mix” which I thought was a children’s baking show. Jonathan pointed out that it probably referred to a girl pop band. Showing my age I guess.

Bit more like it!!

Great day out was had by both of us. Watched the FMX show which was bloody brilliant – how those guys never hit the ceiling I shall never know. We now plan to see a full live FMX show very soon.  We also saw several demonstrations including how to pick up your bike if you drop it, watched riders ride around an off-road track and entered into several competitions.

My intention was to buy a new helmet as my current Shark is getting a little tired. With all the major manufacturers on one site this was a great opportunity to try on a whole load of helmets. With a set budget in mind I eventually blew it and more on a colourful Schuberth C3 Pro. Nice bright colours and it was the only helmet that fitted my odd size/shaped head. I’m pleased at the way all the helmet manufacturers would only sell me the helmet if it fitted. I was turned away from several stands because of this though in a nice and professional manner of course!

So I learnt some new stuff that day. Who “Little Mix” are (or what they are); how professional sales people can be; what bike I would like next; and how to dress to impress at Comic-con!

Very green!

A great and happy day! Looking forward to going again next year once I’ve saved up some more pennies!

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