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January 2019

Cold-ish ride today

Popped out for a ride around North Wiltshire, taking in some familiar roads and sights. Filmed it too as planning on adding in some commentary regarding Advanced Riding tips especially IPSGA.

Long Way Home!

Short video of the long way ride home on a sunny, but cold, January afternoon. I am still getting used to the video editing suite, Kdenlive, so bear with me!

Map of the route below, including the 25 miles into the office first thing, plus the 38 miles going home. Turns that into a nice little total of 63 miles for the day!


Had a nice ride out on Friday with Stuart, popping up to the Touchdown Café at Wellesbourne Airfield near to Stratford-upon-Avon.

Left via Bibury and some very narrow Cotswold lanes covered in wet mud which made it a tad interesting!  Stratford was nice as it wasn’t that busy for a change as I guess its early in the year for tourists still.

The café itself overlooks the airfield so you can enjoy watching planes take off and land while having the obligatory cuppa tea, and bacon sandwich.

Return route via Burford and Lechlade.

Overall, a jolly nice few hours blasting around the countryside which beats the ride into the office!

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